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You are not alone. Call me now.

Crime scene cleanup work sometimes shocks those of us in the business. Homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, and decomposition work reminds us of true challenges.

But then there's the challenges facing families in need of our work, our blood cleanup skills, abilities, and knowledge. Their tasks far exceed our momentary discomforts.

We, they, cannot comprehend the nature of such violence and what it can do to the human body. We ask ourselves, "now what should I do?". What else might we expect from ourselves than this moment of shock and questioning. Losing a family member or business partner to horrific acts, horrific accidents, and horrific deaths in general raise our awareness of blood cleanup in a new light.

My Sandy Valley Crime Scene Cleanup Business Services

I'm here to share what I know, what I've seen, and what I can do for a crime scene cleanup. If you can pay a $999 - 1,199, (shotgun trauma not included), for a single crime scene cleanup cleanup, then you have my guarantee to clean my best for you. As a self-employed crime scene cleanup technician, my experience in crime scene cleanup includes many different types of crime scene cleanup challenges. Deserts, mountains, beach's, large inner-cities (Las Vegas and Reno too), multiple suicides, and murder-suicides represent a few of my working situations.

With my skills, knowledge, and abilities in crime scene cleanup, I'm comfortable giving a telephone quote. I'm rarely wrong. At least, I rarely lose money in my crime scene cleanup business.

crime scene cleanup sometimes requires sealing parts of walls and floors. I use plenty of paper towels too. When I can, I use a vacuum. Many tools have a place in crime scene cleanup.

Suicides bring violent and silent deaths when least expected. crime scene cleanup should begin soon after. Again, I'm the crime scene cleanup technician to call when time passes from the moment of suicide to the time crime scene cleanup begins anywhere in Sandy Valley.

I answer my telephone most of the time. When I don't my wife does; when she doesn't answer, it's because I'm between mountains or near loud machines.

Visit my crime scene cleanup web site for more information related to how crime scene cleanup works. You might be surprised.

For persons under the age of 24 in the United States, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Many variables come into play in the suicides. There are various backers that may contribute to this problem. Lack of a solid family unit, lack of clear-cut goals, lack of self-esteem, lack of positive role models, and a breakdown of communication between peers and parents are just a few of the burdens faced by many of today's youth. Finding an answer to teenage suicide seems almost impossible at times. With their whole lives ahead of them, how do they come to a point of hopelessness and choose to kill themselves. We understand this behavior more easily in adults area for teenagers, there is much to be learned.

We are told that suicide in a family increases the risk of suicide by others as much as four times. Often the son of a suicidal father becomes at risk for suicide, and ironically, the means of suicide may be the same. Sometimes a father's behavior becomes an issue for a suicidal son. On my Sandy Valley suicide cleanup pages I briefly retrace the fault lines leading to a young man's suicide. Crime scene cleanup did not take place on this crime scene cleanup web site, for reasons to become more clear.



A Las Vegas History

Primitive Southern Nevada was would have been a virtual marsh with abundant waters plus plant life long ago.

While ages elapsed, this marsh receded. Estuaries and rivers vanished under the surface. This previously teeming estuarine habitat progressed right into a dry, arid landscape in which the hardiest plants and animals survived. Water caught inside the complex geologic structures in the Las Vegas Valley occasionally appeared and nurtured luxuriant vegetation, making a great oasis. This life-giving water ran towards the Colorado River.

Development workers in 1993 found remains for a Columbian mammoth which roamed the region before history. Paleontologists guess these bone fragments originated about 8,000 to 15,000 years ago. The Valley oasis had been shielded from exposure. The encircling, unforgiving Mojave Wilderness selected its own life-forms for survival. Life demanded toughness for survival. Life responded with a wide-array of diverse, hardy species. Not too many, not too few, but enough to keep numbers somewhere near an ecological balance.

Humanity Arrives

Mexican trader Antonio Armijo, heading a 60-man group over the Spanish Path to Los Angeles around 1829, veered off the recognized path.

While Armijo's caravan had been camped Christmas Morning about 100 kilometers northeast from current day Las Vegas, the scouting team rode westward looking for water. A seasoned youthful Mexican companion, Rafael Rivera, left behind the primary group and then wandered in to the untouched wilderness. Inside of a fortnight, this curious young man found Las Vegas Springs.


The day remains unknown, although Rafael Rivera was crowned the earliest, non-indigenous person to visit this oasis-like Valley.

An abundant, artesian spring now lead others to this new Spanish Path toward Los Angeles. It reduced suffering with regard to Spanish explorers as they hastened their dash west to California gold. Between 1830 and 1848, the name "Vegas," since found upon routes of that time, has been altered to Las Vegas, meaning The Meadows in Spanish.

Some 14 years following Rivera's breakthrough, John C. Fremont brought a great overland expedition west and camped at Las Vegas Springs on May 13, 1844.

This man's name is definitely commemorated these days with fluorescent's in addition to museums and galleries. The Fremont Hotel-Casino found in Down-town Las Vegas has his name as does Fremont Block -- the most crucial thoroughfare: casino-lined Glitter Gulch.


Mormon settlers out of Salt Lake City moved to Las Vegas to guard this Los Angeles-Salt Lake City's mail path. In 1855 they started developing a 150-square-foot fortification. They used sun-dried stones made from clay-based earth and grass, a substance known as adobe.

These Mormons grew fruit and vegetables and found lead at Potosi Mountain. Mormon leaders deserted the settlement around 1858, partially due to Indian native raids. A portion belonging to the "Mormon Fort" that has survived all the forces of their time remain at Las Vegas Boulevard North and Washington Avenue. Researchers started an archeological search in and around this location in 1992.

People from the Church associated with Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) presently comprise some 12 percent of this our Southern Nevada society. In December 1989 they devoted an important Mormon Temple to Las Vegas. This temple's spires are usually observable from the foothills at Sunrise Mountain, towards the east of the city. I should make a comment about Mormons and crime scene cleanup. I've never performed crime scene cleanup in Utah, and I accredit this to a low rate of suicide in this fine state. Morons have a very low rate of suicide; hence a low rate of crime scene cleanup exists in Utah.


Train TYCOONS Commence Growth

Through 1890 train barons had determined the water-rich Las Vegas Valley would be a prime location for a stop service in addition to town. Greater than a one fourth century before, Nevada was accepted into the Union in 1864 in the Civil War.

Work towards the initial train level in to Las Vegas started during summertime in 1904. The camping tents 'city known as Las Vegas popped up old style bars, shops and boarding homes.

Rails were being linked with the eastern section of track throughout October 1904. The San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad, later on assimilated through the parent Union Pacific, made the inaugural run through California to places east upon January. 20, 1905.

We might imagine suicides occurred with changes in employment, weather, and increased loneliness. In those days people lost touch with families quickly. Mail service remained poor. Friends were made and lost as quickly as poker hands were won and lost.

crime scene cleanup must have taken moments. A bucket of water, a few shovel-full's of sand and dirt covered the suicide scene when out doors. When inside, buckets of water and mops served for crime scene cleanup. No bloodborne pathogens or other germs were considered. Whisky and other chemicals were used to mask death's odors. crime scene cleanup belonged to bar keepers, hotel janitors, and anyone else inclined to clean after death.

Again call now for your Sandy Valley homicide, suicide, or unattended death cleanup needs.

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